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What are demijohns???









There are two ways demijohns are being made,  air blown and molded or pressed. For the air blown method, air is blown through a tube into the center of the molten glass. A balloon begins to form from the pressure and increases in size. This is done within a mold, and as the balloon expands to the reach the mold, the outer shape of the vessel is formed. Alternatively for the pressed or molded variation, there are molds which contain both, the outer and inner shape of the glass. The molten glass is poured into the mold and allowed to consume all of the cracks and crevasses forcing air out. In both cases the mold is put into an annealing oven to cool slowly. A rapid reduction in temperature will result in cracking and shattering of the glass. The molds are made up of 2 pieces that come apart, leaving a beautiful piece of ART!!! 

Demijohns have been around for hundreds of years. Before modern packing and branding generic glass containers were used for storage, transport, and sale. They were commonly used for oils, vinegar, wine, spirits, as well as beer.

All our demijohns are imported from Italy!!!